7th International Trade Show

November 2025
AICC – Grand Arena
Partner event:

Opening speeches

Her Excellency Daniela d’Orlandi
Ambassador, Republic of Italy

Italy is proud to be present for the second year in a row to this important exhibition agrofood & plastprintpack Ghana 2023 with a large and qualified delegation of 7 Italian manufacturers of machinery and products for the plastic, printing and packaging industry as well as the agribusiness industry.

We are sure their presence in Accra will allow Ghanaian companies to learn more about the possibilities Italy can offer to upgrade local production, allowing it, on the one hand, to better respond to the increasingly sophisticated domestic demand, and, on the other hand, to address foreign markets with more added value products.

In this regard, the Italian Pavilion at plastprintpack & agrofood Ghana represents a major step, that we are taking along with the Italian industrial Associations Ucima, Amaplast, Acimga and AssoFoodTech.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our Pavilion to discuss the opportunities that the Ghanaian markets offer to us all.


Ms Sivine Jansen
Deputy Head of Mission, Federal Republic of Germany

It is an honor to yet again officially open agrofood & plastprintpack Ghana like last year.

Back then the financial situation reached quite a critical point with Ghana going into default just a few weeks later 

Since then Ghana has come a long way stabilising the financial sector, bringing down inflation, securing the IMF support which is very well on track with the second tranche soon to be released.

Just two weeks ago the German chancellor visited Ghana and was accompanied by a business delegation including heavy weights of German companies. They did come with some reservations about the recovery of the Ghanaian economy after this difficult year. I am glad to share that their impressions were much more positive after intensive discussions with representatives of local businesses, the banking sector, the IMF, World Bank and IFC. 

We do see that Ghana is turning around and on the right path to fiscal stability which will positively impact the business climate.

So although this year webinar haček three German companies present I sincerely hope that this number will go up again and warmly welcome those who are here this year.

Thank you all for coming and I wish you a successful agrofood & plastprintpack Ghana 2023!


Ms Wendy van Meel
Deputy Ambassador, Kingdom of the Netherlands

As we gather here today, the words of the Late Kofi Annan resonate: “The path to greener economies and more sustainable development lies through partnerships with others.” This sentiment rings true as I proudly acknowledge the enduring trade and investment relation between the Netherlands and Ghana, a testament to our commitment to this shared vision.

As partners and through a point vision, our two countries recognize that the agriculture sector is one of the most prominent drivers for economic growth in Ghana. The Netherlands has demonstrated innovation and productivity in it’s agricultural landscape, successfully competing in global markets and shaping it’s economy.

I hope the Netherlands Pavilion at agrofood & plastprintpack Ghana will generate significant new strategic partnerships and new economic missions promoting the further growth of the Ghanaian agriculture sector. Not solely for economic develomplent, but also solidifying the years of trade we have and will continue to share with Ghana.



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